Stephen Dedman

The Lady of Situations is a collection of thirteen stories from the award-winning Australian writer.

"Dedman's stories have an evocative life beyond what is simply written. His style -- engaging, lucid, never obscure but nevertheless allusive and richly evocative -- is perfectly suited to a range of themes, genre tropes and structures." - SF Site

Includes interstitial material by Sean Williams, Simon Brown, Van Ikin and Robin Pen.

Reprint of Ticonderoga's sold out 1999 edition.


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2nd edition of sold out 1999 collection, first published by Ticonderoga Publications.




Foreword: Van Ikin
Introduction: Flogging a Dead Horse, Sean Williams & Mark Radium
"The Lady of Situations"
"Never Seen by Waking Eyes"
"A Single Shadow"
"Double Action"
"Founding Fathers"
"The Godfather Paradox"
"A Sort of Walking Miracle"
"The Vision of a Vanished Good"
"From Whom All Blessings Flow"
Afterword: Twenty Views of Hokusai, Robin Pen




Hardcover Edition. RRP $50 AUD. ISBN 978-0-9803531-7-4. Available from

Regular Trade Edition. RRP $30 AUD. ISBN 978-0-9803531-8-1.

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