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Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Stephen Dedman. I’m a writer.

At present, I’m also a bookseller, book reviewer, tutor, and student. I’ve previously been an actor, a manuscript assessor, an academic and legal WPO, an editorial assistant for Australian Physicist magazine, an experimental subject, and a used dinosaur parts salesman. I’m also fiction editor of Borderlands magazine, co-editor of the ConSensual anthologies, a former associate editor of Eidolon, and a member of the Horror Writers’ Association’s Bram Stoker Awards Oversight Committee and the Katharine Susannah Pritchard’s Board of Literary Advisors. And I’ve previously served on the committee of the Festival of Perth Writers’ Festival and innumerable science fiction conventions (well, six, I think, but it feels like a lot more).

Primarily, though, I’m a writer: author of four novels, a non-fiction book and more than 100 short stories, plus reviews, role-playing games, stageplays, essays and editorials. Most of the fiction I’ve written has been speculative, fantastic, or just plain weird, but I’ve also written thrillers, erotica, and westerns. Sometimes all at the same time.

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