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Ecopunk! book cover, white text on green foliage backgroundWe've set up a kickstarter to spead the word about Ecopunk! Order your ebook or paperback here, or get a pre-order exclusive copy of the limited hardcover. The hardcover will not be available for general retail, only by pre-order. You can also get a copy of the awesome Ecopunk! souvenir hoodie! Check it out at and help us make this awesome book happen!

The kickstarter runs until Friday 22 September.

Cover artwork is by Peg Hewitt (

Ecopunk! - speculative tales of radical futures contains 19 optimistic tales, selected by two award-winning editors, showing how humanity can survive and flourish, despite the looming uncertainty from climate change. The incredible line-up includes some of Australia's best science fiction writers.

Adam Browne, “The Radiolarian Violin"
Matthew Chrulew, “Future Perfect”
Emilie Collyer, “From the Dark”
Jason Fischer, “Milk and Honey”
Tom Guerney, “The Mangrove Maker”
Claire McKenna, “Mr. Mycelium”
R. Jean Mathieu, “The City Sunk, the City Risen”
D.K. Mok, “The Wandering Library”
Jason Nahrung, “The Today Home”
Ian Nichols, “First Flight”
Shauna O'Meara, “Island Green”
Rivqa Rafael, “Trivalent”
Jane Rawson, “The Right Side of History”
Jane Routley, “The Scent of Betrayal"
Andrew Sullivan, “The Butterfly Whisperer”
Janeen Webb, “Monkey Business”
Corey J. White, “Happy Hunting Ground”
Tess Williams, “Broad Church”
Marian Womack, “Pink Footed”

Ecopunk! will be published in October 2017 by Ticonderoga Publications. Keep an eye on our website for more news.

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