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Ticonderoga Publications is extremely proud to announce the publication of multi-talented Australian writer Nicole Murphy’s urban fantasy romance trilogy People of the Star in 2015 and 2016.

Nicole is the author of eight novels, a novella collection and more than two dozen short stories, also writing contemporary romance fiction under the pseudonym Elizabeth Dunk. Formerly a teacher and a journalist, Nicole Muphy lives in the Canberra area.

People of the Star follows on from the Dream of Asarlai trilogy (Secret Ones, Power Unbound, Rogue Gadda) published by HarperCollins Voyager in 2010 and 2011.

The People of the Star trilogy picks up where Dream of Asarlai ended, after the gadda were revealed to the human world. The gadda look human, act human, live ostensibly human lives, yet are descended from different ancestors and as a result, have access to the power of the world around them and can use it to perform what humans call magic. In this new trilogy, set in Ireland and Australia, we meet some old friends and get to know new ones in a world where magic, romance, betrayal, and family feuds are part of everyday life.

Bookseller + Publisher considered Secret Ones as a “fresh and interesting approach to an urban fantasy series” and the Courier Mail reviewed Power Unbound as “a rollicking romp through the space where fantasy and romance collide”.

“The first three gadda books were amazing, addictive page turners full of wonderful characters and fabulous ideas,” Ticonderoga Editor Liz Grzyb said.

“We’re thrilled to be able to continue this story at Ticonderoga, and to be working with such a fantastic writer like Nicole.”

“I’m absolutely delighted to see the gadda story will finally be concluded, and that it’s the fabulous folks at Ticonderoga that will make it happen,” Nicole said.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Liz on these new books, and seeing the final product. Ticonderoga produce such beautiful books, I can’t wait to hold them in my hands.”

The first volume, Future Found is scheduled for publication in July 2015. The novel will be available in limited edition hardcover, hardcover, trade and ebook editions. Books 2 and 3 will be published in 2016.


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