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eff Ritchie at Scary Minds gives Dead Sea Fruit a positively glowing review, and rates it at 9/10. He also says some very good things about the cover and overall presentation of the book.

Having highlighted some of the horror stories, and arguably ever story in the collection could be viewed as being primarily a dark genre outing, I would argue that the reader will appreciate even the stories that don't seem on the surface to be trying to scare them. As stated, the Author takes a warped view of what short fiction can achieve, and that has to be given top marks.

If you are a regular Warren reader or haven't had the pleasure of testing the waters with the Author then I would say Dead Sea Fruit is well worth dialling into. A recommended collection that should be a prerequisite of any true horror fan.

...the excellent volume Ticonderoga Publications have delivered that does full justice to the stories. The cover and internal artwork is by Olga Read and is extremely effective in representing the collection as a whole. Good quality paper stock and excellent choice of font make Dead Sea Fruit a pleasure to read.

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