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Australian writer Felicity Dowker was born in Tasmania in 1980 and now lives in Victoria with her husband, their two children, and a distinct lack of cats. In addition to her day-job in the finance sector, Felicity has also certified and worked as a Doula (professional non-medical birth attendant). Writing has always been her madness of choice, and since she began submitting her work in 2008, over 20 of Felicity's short stories have been published in Australian and international journals and anthologies, most recently in Aurealis, Morrigan Books' Scenes From the Second Storey, and Ticonderoga Publications' Scary Kisses. Felicity won the Ditmar Award for Best New Talent in 2009, and her work has been Honourably Mentioned in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year (Volume 2), collected two Chronos Awards, and been shortlisted for both the Aurealis and Australian Shadows Awards.

Scary Minds on Felicity's story "Bread and Circuses" from Ticonderoga Publications' Scary Kisses: "Felicity Dowker presents a sensationally good story that I would compare to Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery' - yes, it's that good. A piece of writing that highlights the talent Felicity Dowker brings to the table. Can someone please get a Felicity Dowker collection happening right here right now!"

HorrorScope on Felicity's story "After the Jump" from Aurealis #43: "Rising star Felicity Dowker delivers an absolute gem with 'After the Jump'. Dowker ensures you’ll never look at Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge the same again with her darkly poetic story about a diver, paid to retrieve the bodies of jumpers from the Yarra River, who is drawn to the eerie stillness of the river’s muddy depths. Her command of description and character – particularly in first person – is flourishing with every tale and she again shows why she is becoming a staple in Australian genre magazines."

Angela Slatter on Felicity's writing: "She is one of those rare and talented writers of horror who can creep you out while still making you admire the graceful construction of her prose."

Felicity is always working on several short stories at any given time, mostly to avoid completing her first novel, which she's currently about halfway through. Ticonderoga Publications will publish Felicity's debut short story collection, titled Bread and Circuses, in 2012. In the meantime, you may find Felicity online at her blog:

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