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RJ (Robert) Ashby lives in the wildness of Northwest Victoria, with his wife, a daughter, Laura, and three very maladjusted, quirky cats. Though he is a teacher during the daytime, at nights, on weekends and occasionally during lunch breaks he writes speculative fiction, often of a dark nature.

RJ was born in Los Angeles, California, and lived in Georgia before immigrating to Australia in 1998. Having studied Archaeology, English, History and Mathematics at University, he went on to earn a Doctorate of Law, a Masters of Environmental Management and his teaching qualifications. After such a long and occasionally painful time in schooling, he ended up best qualified to teach, and now inflicts misery on long-suffering high school students.

When he has free time, RJ enjoys reading, gardening, bushwalking, watching movies, writing grumpy editorials and especially spending time with his family.

Raymond Chandler, Ralph Ellison, Carl Hiaasen, Robert Ludlum and Dean Koontz are among his favourite authors. RJ often incorporates the “lone wolf against Society” theme in his work, which he feels harks to these inspirational writers.

RJ bases most of his characters on people he knows or has met, and often incorporates figures his daughter has created in his writing.

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